Monday, October 25, 2010


So a friend of mine from back home, who is a total movie buff told me I need to go watch a movie called Catfish. And I did. And holy shit, it was amazing. It's a documentary about a photographer from New York city. He's an amazing artist. Well, one day in the mail he gets a painting of one of his published pieces. The painting was done by an 8 year old girl named Abby. So the photographer starts a facebook relationship with the girls family. He talks to her mom and sister on the phone frequently and sends Abby more photos for her to paint. He continues to receive paintings in the mail, and begins to get to know the family more. He eventually starts up a long distance relationship of sorts with the older sister who is like 19 or 20. They keep trying to set up meetings(the family lives in Michigan), but they always fall through. The photographer and his brother(the guy filming all this) find out through complete chance that something isn't quite right. They realize they've never spoken with Abby, and that alot of the things they've been told are lies. So they set off to surprise the family and show up at their home. They uncover all sorts of crazy shit once they're there. And it is an absolutely amazing movie. I recommend it to everyone!

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