Sunday, December 4, 2011

Please Go The Fuck Back Home. Now.

When you decided to leave
I was so young and so bold
And then you decided to leave
I got tired and old

Smokin' cigarettes; more than I should
My hands won't stop shaking and that can't be good
I would forget you, if only I could

Well I'm not supposed to see you looking
I'm not supposed to stare straight into your eyes
Well I'm not supposed to kiss your lips
But you smile so sweet
I can't resist those eyes

This city's fucking cold and I want to go home.

And I'm racing towards the one mistake that locks me in my place.
The judgement call that justifies the smirk stuck on my face.
My crooked life scared straight and stiff by the last wrong turn I'll take.
But I'm not there yet so come purr, my pet.
Let's play, let's play.